"Mabel's Able"

Before reading about "Mabel's Able" please check out the 'Mabel' tab to see part of our journey.
 There was a specific day in this journey with Mabel when I remember thinking that I knew too much information and had gained too much knowledge to ever look back.  I remember feeling the Lord urging me to act.  I knew that God wanted us to do 'something' rather than nothing.  I remember thinking that even if everything with Mabel turned out to be 'normal,' I was now part of a club that I would always be a part of.  I am a parent of a special needs child.

'Mabel's Able' was birthed from an idea to raise awareness of rare disorders and undiagnosed disease.  I don't think that there is enough local awareness and there is no excuse not to help when you are handed the information:

There are currently 7,000 rare diseases identified.
These diseases affect over 30 million people in the US alone.
75% of those affected are children.
40% of children with symptoms of a syndrome are undiagnosed.

The statistics are alarming and there is a huge call to action.  Most foundations and research groups are funded by donations and people like us.  It's important to raise the money and fund the research so that children have medical hope and families can have peace as they try to advocate and act on behalf of their child.

'Mabel's Able' is officialy a  not for profit organization!  We are just a group trying to raise awareness and funds to be donated to different causes on behalf of rare disease.  All donations and funds collected will go directly to research, testing or support of families who are affected with rare and undiagnosed disease.  

On behalf of our family and Mabel, we are grateful for your support, love and prayers.  We are blessed abundantly and feel that it is necessary to give back in order to spread the word that could save lives.
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Acts 20:35
"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' "

In the summer of 2011, "Mabel's Able"  held our first 5k race to raise money for rare disease and mitochondrial disease.  We raised close to $2,000 for research during this time.  It was a great success.

In early fall (2011), we held an online auction to raise awareness for the Early Intervention programs that have been so critical for Mabel's development.  We raised $300 for toys or supplies for our local program!
For our spring 2012 Fundraiser, we held a Scentsy Buddy Drive.  We collected 24 Buddies to hand out at the local Children's Hospital to children who are currently hospitalized for various reasons.  Photos to come!
August 2012
Mabel's Able 2nd annual 5k Race/Walk raised over $6000.  This money will be used for Christmas gifts for families who are undiagnosed or living with a rare disease, research for Batten Disease, and we will sponsor other events happening around the country as well!